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In the interest of full transparency, this Crust is the creation of a day drunk foodie jonesing for some za! After getting down on some honestly amazing Beers and smoking a 12 lb Brisket the day before, I wanted to utilize some Brisket (<— Check out my first Brisket!) and Sauce I made. Fumbling through the cupboards, I couldn’t find any yeast (sober me was also unable to find yeast…therefore, I am good at looking for things, okay Alyssa?) In my mind, Beer had yeast…gonna make some Beer Pizza Crust!

A Quick Crust For The Drungry Peeps (Drunk and Hungry)

This isn’t just a crust for when you’re in a pinch, honestly. Don’t get me wrong, a good yeasty crust that you let rise for hours is delicious (and I am actually working on one of those, too!) but, sometimes you just want some pizza and you want that shit now!

In all honesty, everyone always calls these things like “15 Minute Crust” or “Yeastless Pizza Dough”, I think both of those kind of cheapen how good this actually is, hence Beer Pizza Crust! The awesome thing about this (I feel like I always say this…) is how you can make it your own! At its base you should use the same ingredients but, let those creative juices roll! Use different beers to add different flavors. Pilsners and Lagers for your classic Pizza, IPA’s and Pales for some citrus additions (watch this one, the bitterness could be a little overpowering!), and maybe throw in a Stout or Porter for a Dessert Za! I used a Pils, personally and that is a great place to start I think.

“The Process”

Follow the gallery and you’ll be a-okay!

Beings that this is so simple to make, I’m just gonna give you some tips and tricks for some bombass Pizza combos!

  • BBQ (Brisket above)-BBQ Sauce as the base sauce, a mix of Cheddar and Italian Pizza Cheese (Provolone, Mozz, Asiago), diced Red Onion, Smoked Brisket (could use Chicken or Pork, too!)
  • Buffalo Chicken-Ranch as base sauce, a mix of Cheddar and Italian Cheese Blend (Provolone, Mozz, Asiago), Pulled Chicken Thighs, drizzle with Buffalo, crumble Blue Cheese
  • Spicy HawaiianSpicy Marinara as base sauce, Italian Cheese Blend (Provolone, Mozz, Asiago), Roasted Jalapenos, Charred Pineapple, Pork Sausage
  • The Pants-Pizza Sauce as base sauce, Italian Cheese Blend (Provolone, Mozz, Asiago), diced Green Olive, diced Red Onion, Italian Sausage, Tabasco
  • The Wisco-Beer Cheese as base sauce, Mozz, Caramelized Onions, Sauerkraut, Diced or Sliced Brats

Season like The Tailgate Foodie! Click on pic to snag yours today!

Tailgate Italiano


The All-American BBQ Sauce

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