Beer Cheese Brat Dip- Wisconsin in a Bowl

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Three Heart Attacks Later

If you’ve been to Wisconsin, you’ve had every major component of this app because it literally is what runs through our veins here! Well, that and a whole lot of LDL and HDL but here I am, 29 years old and have only had 3 heart attacks! I am just lol’ing and jk’ing!

The 3 major components of this bad ass, tasty dish is cheese, brats, and of course, THE BEERS! More specifically, extra sharp Hook’s Cheddar, Usinger’s Fresh Brats, and from Titletown Brewing Company, Johnny Blood Red Ale.

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The basic form of beer cheese are these components but there are so many ways to take appetizer to a whole new, ridiculous level. Using top notch ingredients is obviously the best way. But adding things like caramelized onions, and/or brown mustard, and/or dipping some soft, little pretzel bites really take your run-of-the-mill beer cheese to what this is and what beer cheese can be.  

Not just a Dip

beer cheese brat dip

Another great thing about this appetizer is it can be more than a dip! Let’s say you and your friends are getting down on some burgers for the night. Take that burger to a new level by slathering a scoop of this onto the top of a hot burger. Or, if you’re making some pulled chicken slider on a pretzel bun, once again, top that chicken with this and take those sliders to a whole new level that your friends won’t be expecting.

A couple of things to watch out for when your creating your masterpiece though. Many of the ingredients will lend itself to be a heavy overall app. Now that is something you don’t want to start your day off at your tailgate or getting ready for a couchgate with nothing but heaviness. A great way to break that apart is adding some raw onion into the dish or topping it with chopped green onion. Another thing you can do is add some heat to it by fire roasting some jalapenos and adding it to the dish!

Now for what everyone is waiting for!

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