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beef and veggie soup

Being from Wisco, 14 months out of the year are cold. Legit though, the best of tailgates happen in the fall and winter. Hell, even late baseball season happens in early November now! CRAZY! Some of the best food in all of the land is soup. I literally don’t care if you disagree with me cuz it isn’t an opinion, you’re just disagreeing with facts. However, you know what you never see at a tailgate?! F***IN’ SOUP! WHY?! Let’s change the stigma! Let’s “Make Soup a Tailgate Food!” It’s going to be trending before you know it! Let’s start with something simple and amazing: Beef and Veggie Soup!

When Meat Meets The Garden

beef and veggie soup from above

You will for sure get your veg in eating this soup! Celery, Carrots, Onion, Garlic, Corn, Peas, Potatoes, and even some Parsley. If you don’t like vegetables, try this and get back to me. Unless you don’t like it cuz you’re allergic…don’t eat it then. What really makes this sing, though?? The deep, rich flavors from the Beer…I mean BEEF! Getting a little crust on the Hamburger meat and the liquid gold of Beef Broth, holy mother of Rodgers.

Beef and Veggie Soup at the Tailgate

beef and veggie soup in styrofoam cup

But Mr. Foodie Man, how do you eat your soup out of the bowl while standing around drinkin’ beer?? Jokes on you reader that asked that question! Don’t put it in a bowl! Place a 16 oz. Styrofoam Cup into another (to protect you from the lava inside the cup!) and fill that bad boy up! You can double fist: beer in one hand, soup in the other! It is legit a tailgate food when presented properly!

**Beer Pairing**

Coming Soon!

Burger Blend

Tailgate Italiano

Season this dish like The Tailgate Foodie! (Click on pics to snag these!)

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