Balls 4 Ways: BBQ, Buffalo Chicken, Breakfast, and Basketball

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The Greatest Event in All of Sports!

The Madness Begins

March Madness has always been near and dear to my heart. Ever since I was younger, once March came around, college hoops would be on the tube. The crazy thing about this is the fact that I am the only person in the fam that played/really enjoyed watching basketball. Come March though, the entire family was down to watch. It wasn’t big enough for us to go out of our way to make any special food or have people over, but that is where I now decided to take it!

Forever, a Tradition

Now days, March Madness is such a big thing for my friends and I! On opening weekend, someone will have people over, I’ll make some food, and the drinks will be flowing! For the past few years that person was my buddy Joe. I’d take the Friday off, drive up to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul), and the only thing on the TV would be basketball. We would go out for food and make sure that we were close enough to the TV’s wherever we went. This year was a little different, because Joe passed away last year. You’re absolutely wrong if you don’t think I kept the tradition going! On top of all that, the Final Four just so happens to be in Minneapolis this year! What are the odds of that??

2019 final four logo from minneapolois
How Cool is this Logo??

Unfortunately, this year didn’t go well for the Badgers, as they had to play an underrated Oregon Ducks squad and my bracket was comically bad after day 1… but I digress.

Munchin’ these down, washing them down with some suds (checkout The Booze reviews!), and watching some EXCELLENT basketball with some of my best friends is something that will be done every year!

Enough about me…here is what you came here for!

Food Times

This year I decided to pull out the smoker and make smoked meatballs 3 ways (all with their own signature sauce!): BBQ Meatballs, Buffalo Chicken Meatballs, and Bacon Wrapped Breakfast Meatballs.

CLICK on images for the recipes!

The awesome part about making 3 different kinds of meatballs is how different each of them are! The flavor profiles are drastically different which leads me to believe they can all be eaten at different times of the day, or for different parts of a meal. The BBQ Meatballs lend itself to more of a main meal (The Main Event) style. They are big in both size and flavor! The Buffalo Chicken Meatballs seem to work if you make them smaller, allowing you to casually throw a few in your mouth before eating a main meal (The Pre-Game). And lastly, while I LOVE brinner (breakfast for dinner), the Bacon Wrapped Breakfast Meatballs are perfect for those early morning tailgates with Bloody Mary’s, hashbrowns, and eggs!

Try them all out and let me know how you like your meatballs!

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