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breakfast meatballs

If I had to choose a breakfast to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Homemade Pancakes! Okay, but why am I writing about these? BECAUSE THESE ARE NEXT! Wash these down with a Spicy Bloody Mary…holy mother of all things that are Packers. You come rollin’ into a morning tailgate with these Breakfast Meatballs, you’re going to be king/queen forever!

Breakfast…But Better!

breakfast meatballs

Wrap nearly anything in Bacon and you have a winner in my book! Meatballs are definitely one of those. Now, make those meatballs taste like Breakfast…my favorite, and what should be your favorite meal of the day! THEN, ADD REAL MAPLE SYRUP! AND THEN, MAKE THAT MAPLE SYRUP SPICY!

Need something to wash down those meatballs?! Make this Bloody Mary Bar!

These are crazy simple, too! More than likely, you most of the ingredients resting in your freezer, fridge, or pantry! As soon as they’re done and ready to serve, you might as well just place them on a platter, walk them into your party/tailgate, and blast “WE ARE CHAMPIONS!” because you know what, you are a champion…my friend!

**Beer Pairing**

beer on left, beer can on right, wisconsin brewing logo top left, tailgate foodie logo top right

Cupid’s Envy

Wisconsin Brewing Co.

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