Apricot Bourbon Sauce-When Fruit Meets Booze: Sauce Edition

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apricot bourbon sauce

All cards on the table, I thought this would be a completely different post but, here we are. Throughout the Easter times, I was thinking about all the classics that the fam-bam had when I was younger: Grandma’s Ham, Pillsbury’s Crescent Rolls, Uncle’s Bourbon and Coke…ya know, the classics. What I really wanted to do was take something that I would classically shove down my throat on Easter Sunday (outside of that grape juice during church) and give it my own spin. Legit, we always had Crescent Rolls and almost always had Ham. I f***in’ LOVE Crescent Rolls, so, why not throw some Ham and some glorious Cheese in them while rolling them up? But, what are you going to dip them in? UNCLE’S BOURBON! Or, a take on it! Here is some Apricot Bourbon Sauce…Glaze…Dip? It’s a pandemic, call it whatever the hell you want.

Apricot and Bourbon: A Match Made in…My Apartment

crescent rolls with sauce

Here is the co-existing couple. You can tell that they love each other, get along really well, but sometimes have disagreements about every day life during these times of stress. “No! They like me more!” the Crescent Roll says about the humans. “Nu-uh!” the Apricot Bourbon Sauce replies. Man, this post is really going off the rails, sorry. But while we’re here in the wrecked train, check out the Mango Habanero BBQ Sauce I made for the Jerk Chicken Sliders! (<— CLICK the Red!)

To re-rail (??) this Amtrak, in all honesty, the flavor combo of this is damn near perfect…and ungodly simple! The salty from the Ham, savory from the Colby Jack, buttery from the Rolls, sweet from the Apricot, and a subtle bite from the Bourbon really makes this a memorable bite! And then, you accidentally take 17 more bites…because these are BOMB! Ya know what, a post for the Crescent Rolls is on the docket! LET’S GO!

Apricotca Gotcha Bourbon Sauce

apricot bourbon sauce

Anywhoozles, this sauce (if that’s what you’re calling it) is so good for the Crescent Rolls and that is what I initially made them for, BUT, this would be such an amazing glaze on all things Pork and even Chicken! Hell, throw in a little Sriracha for a kick…F*** IT, IT’S A PANDEMIC!

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