Apple Pie Dip- Fall, Football, And…Apple Desserts!

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Apple Pie Dip

apple pie dip from the top. surrounded by crackers and snaps

Fall is probably my favorite season…even though it leads to the worst season. But this just means that I have to take in all of the fall while I can, which includes many different things! At the beginning of fall, there are apples. Towards the end of fall, pumpkins. Well, here we are just barely into fall. Soooo, Apple Pie Dip it is!

Aren’t Dips The Perfect Dessert?

apple pie dip from the side. surrounded by crackers and snaps

The best part about dips are all of the things that you can use to dip! On top of that, generally, they’re VERY simple and quick to make. Seriously, when you have all of the ingredients, 15 minutes later…BAM, you have an excellent dessert! And simple…oh, this is simple. Just some chopping, whipping, and mixing. Apple Pie Dip: COMPLETE! You want another dip?? Check out my Buckeye Dip! (<—CLICK on the Red!)

The Caloric Vehicles To Your Mouth

Seriously, there are so many different “dipables” for this awesome dessert. Apples are a great cut in richness! The juiciness is perfect for the cream cheese! Cinnamon Graham Crackers are literal perfection…the perfect shape, the perfect texture, and with some added cinnamon, drool worthy. And who knew Ginger Snaps still existed! And why didn’t I buy any Tang?!

This Dessert is legit perfect for tailgating and couchgating! You can use one hand to munch, and the other hand to cheer, drink, or dip another cracker or snap! On top of that, you only need a really small amount of whisky, sooo, you can take some shots! Or make Smoked Apple Crisp! (<—CLICK on the Red!)

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