It all started in 2018. My love of food, grilling, and sports were solidified FAR before that fateful day, October 16, 2018. However, my professional life within the realm did start until then. The Tailgate Foodie food blog was created due to a missing section of the pregame party in which true flavor and great food existed.

Fast forward to July 2020 and the ever-so grand idea to truly bring flavors to the parking lot festivities was hatched. Through the wonder of will power, The Tailgate Foodie, LLC was created. With 5 of the most flavorful seasonings to start, we were on our way.

Fast forward another 2 years to now. We have been “Bringing Gourmet To The Parking Lot” for 2 years and expanded our premium seasonings and bbq sauces exponentially. Our BBQ, grilling, and smoking game has went from a hobby to a profession to an obsession. That is where our book (and soon to be book series/line) come in!

Sharing our obsession with the world is HIGH on our priority list. Whether it is our seasoning line, our bbq sauces, our soon to be realized bloody mary, or our books, we want to share our knowledge with you so you too can “Bring Gourmet To The Parking Lot”.

Favorite TTGF Product: Nashville Hot!
Favorite Sports Team: GO PACK GO
Favorite Part of TTGF: Smoking stogies with the boys while talking biz

Favorite TTGF Product: El Edgar (my namesake!)
Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Bulls
Favorite Part of TTGF: Bloody Mary bars and seeing all the hard work we’re putting in reflect with how far we’ve come!

Favorite TTGF Product: KC Combo/All-American BBQ Sauce on some ribs!
Favorite Sports Team: Vikings (even though they make me sad…)
Favorite Part of TTGF: Rocking out to 90’s/00’s Punk Rock in the Shop

Favorite TTGF Product: Five Pepper Blend!
Favorite Sports Team: #bucksinsix
Favorite Part of TTGF: Looking at where TTGF started and where we are now.

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